The Dillon RL550C and the Avid Media Composer

Dillon offers a great value with their RL550C press. The press has a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for content creation. It is compatible with the Avid Media Composer, making it easy to transfer your footage to the press and start editing. The machine also has a large print area that makes it perfect for large prints or posters.

What is the Dillon RL550C Reloading Machine?

The Dillon RL550C is an all-new design of the venerable 550, but with some important distinctions that set it apart from other reloading machines. The main difference is the larger and more stable baseplate which can accommodate cartridges up to 338 Lapua. Previously, the largest cartridge that could be loaded on a 550 was 416 Rigby.

Features on the Dillon RL550C Loading Machine

This machine brings many new features. The Dillon RL550C has numerous adjustments of the ram stroke to accommodate a wide variety of cartridges. The ram stroke is adjustable at 5 different pre-set increments depending on where the cartridge is sized, how it will be seated into the dies or up to 1-1/8″ diameter. This feature is great for working with rounds that take very little lead, or those thicker than normal rounds which could get jammed in the case feeder. Accessories are available for this machine as well.

Who is the Dillon RL550C Best for?

This machine is for anyone who reloads ammunition as a hobby. If you’re searching for an affordable new machine, or are equipping your small shop with a machine to speed up production and cost savings, the Dillon RL550C is perfect.

Pros and Cons of the Dillon RL550

The Dillon RL550C is a redesigned machine with many improvements. As with any reloading machine, there are pros and cons. For example, the new design of the Dillon will allow larger dies to be used on the 550C, which reduces powder charge size variance. There are more technical differences but those are not important in terms of results.


The Dillon RL550C is an adaptable machine that is designed to be user-friendly and requires little or no training. Its reliable and sturdy design makes it a favorite among firearm enthusiasts who are looking for an easy, efficient tool to reload their own cartridges.

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