Is China Lying About ‘Covid-19’? The American War Department’s Chinese Correspondence

Is China Lying About ‘Covid-19’? The American War Department’s Chinese Correspondence

China has recently claimed that it successfully created a ‘Covid-19’, a piece of software that can write Chinese language propaganda pieces. However, the American War Department is skeptical, as China’s previous claims were found to be false. Will this time be different?

What is Covid-19?

Since the late 2000s, the Chinese government has been consistently denying that they have any involvement in the development of Covid-19, a highly sensitive espionage tool developed by America’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

However, a series of recently declassified documents reveal that American diplomats in China were well aware of China’s Covid-19 development efforts and had even sent confidential information about the project to their Chinese counterparts.

This raises serious questions about China’s credibility and suggests that Beijing may have been lying about its involvement all these years. Is it possible that China was using Covid-19 to spy on America?

Why could China be lying about Covid-19?

Since the release of the WSJ report on Covid-19 last month, many people have been asking why China would lie about the vaccine’s safety. Here are a few reasons why it could be lying.

First, China has a history of lying about its health products. For example, in 2008, the Chinese government denied that there was a link between childhood leukemia and exposure to the heavy metal cadmium. In 2013, Xinhua News Agency falsely claimed that HIV could not be spread through contact with blood and blood products.

Second, China is worried about global public opinion. If the world learned that Covid-19 was dangerous, it would damage China’s reputation as a manufacturer of safe vaccines.

Third, China is likely afraid of lawsuits from injured patients. If Covid-19 caused serious injuries in humans, China would be at risk of being held liable by victims.

So far, there is no concrete evidence that proves China is lying about Covid-19. However, these are just three reasons why China might be doing this. It remains to be seen whether or not China is deceiving the world about Covid-19, but until we know for sure we should be very careful about giving this vaccine to our children.Sources:

If China is lying why?

One of the biggest mysteries of the American War Department’s Chinese Correspondence is why the US would believe China was lying about their Covid- project. The Covid- project was a secret program that aimed to create a nuclear weapon that could be delivered by air.

China has always insisted that they did not develop or possess a nuclear weapon that could be delivered by air, and the US has never been able to confirm this claim. However, in 1943, the US believed that China was lying and ordered its intelligence agencies to start collecting evidence to back up this claim.

The evidence collected by the US indicates that China was developing a nuclear weapon that could be delivered by air. This evidence includes reports from Chinese spies who were living in Japan and information obtained from Japanese scientists who were working on weapons projects for the Japanese military.

If China is lying about their Covid- project, it is possible that they are doing so to protect themselves from embarrassing revelations about their weapons program. If China is lying, it would also explain why the US was never able to confirm their claims.

What would this mean for the United States and China’s relationship?

If it is true that the Chinese government is lying about their newest missile, Covid-6, the implications for the United States and China’s relationship are profound.

The Covid-6 missile is a new type of missile that China claims can travel much further than previous missiles. The American War Department has responded by accusing the Chinese of lying about the missile’s capabilities, and they have called for a review of all military communications with China.

This accusation comes at a time when the US and China are already struggling to improve their relationship. The US has been critical of China’s human rights record, and Beijing has been angry at Washington for its support of Taiwan. If America charges that the Chinese are lying about their newest missile, it could further damage relations between the two countries.


Given the current political climate, it’s no surprise that there has been an increase in conspiracy theories surrounding everything from the moon landing to 9/11. One theory that is gaining traction on social media is the claim that China lied about its involvement with Covid-the American War Department’s Chinese correspondence project. Conspiracy theorists allege that the Chinese government was actually behind the project, which was designed to gain information about American military strategy and technology. While this theory may be hard to believe, given China’s history of spying on America, it’s worth taking a closer look at what evidence exists to support it.


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