Liability for an Atlanta Car Accident Due to Poor Car Maintenance

There are a lot of reasons car accidents can happen including driver errors, poor weather conditions, driver negligence, and poor road conditions. But poor vehicle maintenance can also be a contributing factor. If the at-fault driver was aware or should have been aware of the maintenance problems their vehicle had, but drove it anyway, they could be held liable for resulting damages and injuries this might cause to others. In this type of situation, more than one party might share the blame for the accident. A Car accident attorney in Atlanta can help victims hold all parties responsible for the crash liable for the injuries they sustain. 

Vehicle Maintenance Problems and Road Safety

Routine vehicle maintenance impacts a vehicle’s working order. For example, a worn-out tire could blow out, leading to a driver losing control of the car and colliding with another car, a smaller vehicle, or a pedestrian. Some vehicle parts that usually wear out and malfunction include the following:

  • Tires. The tires of your car must be checked and rotated regularly. In general, tires must be replaced every 6 years, no matter how many miles you have driven. Over time, tires can become hard and brittle, resulting in cracks and blowouts. Also, tire failure can happen because of improper inflation.
  • Brakes. Brake problems include grinding or screeching noises upon brake application, your car pulling to one side when you apply the brake, or a pulsating brake pedal. It is imperative to address worn-out or faulty brakes right away.
  • Steering. The steering or suspension system of your car can go sustain heavy wear over time. You can identify and prevent this by checking the fluid levels and power steering belts.

Liability for Driving a Poorly Maintained Car After a Crash

 Driving an unsafe and poorly maintained car will endanger the life of the driver and other road users. If you have been injured in a car accident that occurred because of poor vehicle maintenance, you may be able to bring a legal claim against the responsible driver.

Every driver should use reasonable care when behind the wheel to avoid causing injuries to others. This includes ensuring their cars are in perfect shape. Drivers who fail to do so and cause an accident violates the duty of care they owe to others. As a victim, you should provide evidence that shows the at-fault driver acted negligently and caused the accident. Further investigation may be necessary to determine the exact cause of the accident.

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