Tomtaker: How to Spot a Designer Imposter?

Are you struggling to determine if the design team you’re considering hiring is legit or just an imposter? If so, Tomtaker can help. We understand how difficult it can be to identify a real designer from someone who has little-to-no experience in the field. That’s why we’ve created this guide for sputtering designer imposters and understanding what makes up a good design team. With our helpful pointers and advice, you’ll have no problem deciding on a creative crew that you can trust with your project.

What is a designer imposter Tomtaker and how do they differ from legitimate designers?

It is a person who calls themselves a designer without having any real qualifications.  On the surface, it can be hard to tell the difference between a legitimate designer and a designer imposter.  After all, both groups of people have similar titles and put forth visual portfolios that look professional.  The main distinction lies in the fact that Tomtakers do not have formal credentials such as a degree, credentials from recognized institutions, or current experience in their area of expertise.  As such, relying on Tomtakers for design services can put you at risk for subpar outcomes due to their lack of knowledge and lacking technical abilities.  It is recommended to engage only experienced valid designers if you are looking to achieve quality results.

How to identify if someone is claiming to be a designer when they are not?

Identifying whether someone is a legitimate designer or just a pretender can be difficult, especially when the individual in question is It. It claims to be a designer but is truly only interested in getting free work done. To decipher between someone who is actually skilled and experienced with design and those that make empty promises, take some time to evaluate their portfolio and ask detailed questions about their process and specific techniques they would use for a project. A true professional should be able to answer any query with confidence, as well as provide references for any past work. If the individual does not have things like test concepts or well-crafted wireframes, it is likely that he or she would not be able to deliver reliable results for your project.

The dangers of hiring an imposter designer

Hiring a temporary or imposter designer to help get a job done can be very dangerous in many ways. Not only do they lack the proper training and experience needed to execute a project or design correctly, but they also bring with them “Tomtakers”, those who use shortcuts, hand-me-down techniques, and even plagiarize designs that have already been used. Unfortunately, this behavior is more common than most realize and shows why it’s important to ensure that any designer you’re working with has the correct credentials. It pays to hire competent designers rather than short-cutters when it comes to creating projects as there’s far too much risk involved in outsourcing your work.

How to protect yourself from being scammed by an imposter?

Being scammed by an imposter is a common concern, but there are many steps you can take to protect yourself. It’s essential that you prioritize online security first and foremost—be sure to use strong passwords, change them frequently, and do not share your login information with anyone. If you ever suspect a scammer is posing as someone you know, take the time to contact that person directly through the means you typically use. Additionally, if you receive unexpected requests for payment or money transfers, remember to research the details before responding. Scammers are often trying to rush victims into making decisions they may later regret and being alert to their tactics can help guard against being another Tomtaker victim.

The benefits of working with a legitimate designer

Working with a legitimate designer can be beneficial for homeowners looking to take on a remodeling project. Legitimate designers have the expertise and experience to make sure that your projects are completed accurately and to your specifications, which is ultimately why you are hiring a professional in the first place. Additionally, legitimate designers get their materials from reputable sources, saving time and money on finding quality materials from reliable vendors. Working with a professional also ensures that the job is done correctly, preventing costly errors and allowing for easier troubleshooting for any potential issues down the road. And lastly, working with a licensed designer provides peace of mind for homeowners as they know their project is in hands of an industry expert who values their customer satisfaction above all else.


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