Is it essential to get in touch with an education lawyer after being accused of Title IX?

If you have been accused in a Title IX matter, you must consider getting legal help as soon as possible. The school and the administration treat such matters very seriously and proceed with the case expeditiously. Schools do not provide you with any kind of education lawyer and therefore, if you find yourself in such a situation, call your education lawyer immediately. You might be guilty or innocent but if you try to explain your point of view to others in the absence of an education lawyer, things will surely get worse for you. There are several factors why you should get in touch with a California education lawyer when you have been accused of Title IX violation and some of them have been mentioned below:


  • Preserve your rights: Even when everyone is thinking that you have committed a crime, it is important to keep in mind that still you have certain rights that should be respected and provided to you. However, in the absence of an education lawyer, these rights might get violated and you might find yourself alone. If the school administration takes up the case and proceeds with the trial, there is a high chance of you getting compelled to say or accept something against your will.


  • Help you understand about the proceedings: Your education lawyer will guide you throughout the proceeding of your case and will also explain to you the possible outcomes. Moreover, they will even prepare a written appeal on your behalf. He will also explain to you about the questions that will be put in front of you. 


  • Build a strong defence: Without the help of an education lawyer, your case might not hold a lot of weight. Therefore, the education attorney will gather all the evidence, statements and witnesses and on the basis of that, he will prepare a strong defence. He will also cross-examine the various statements and witnesses.


  • Ensure that the school follows its policies: An education lawyer who is representing you in Title IX matter will also make sure that the school abides by the procedures and the rules highlighted within the federal law. In case of any violation on their behalf, your lawyer will hold them liable for violating the guidelines.

From above, it can be seen that having an experienced education lawyer is quite essential in case you have been accused and facing allegations of Title IX violation.

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