Need a criminal defense lawyer in Scottsdale? Check these pointers

When charged with a crime in Scottsdale, you may feel overwhelmed with the consequences. Similarly, when you are facing consequences because your spouse filed a domestic violence complaint, you have reasons to work on your defense. Convictions can change your life forever, and unless you take steps to protect yourself, your entire career, family life, and social status could be in jeopardy. If you are looking for a scottsdale criminal defense lawyer, don’t miss these pointers.

Consider expertise

What kind of cases does a lawyer deal with? The most pertinent question that matters is whether an attorney can represent you efficiently. Many law firms in Scottsdale deal with all sorts of situations, including DUI, federal crimes, white-collar crimes, probation violations, drug crimes, fraud & theft, and vehicular crimes. Make sure to choose an attorney who has the expertise.

Don’t hire a public defender

You may want to save money by not hiring an attorney but a public defender. This could be an expensive mistake as public defenders are often overburdened with cases and don’t have the required experience. While they may take the case, they will never devote the time your situation demands. You need someone who can be an advocate for your rights.

Check the basics

Is the criminal defense attorney locally based in your city? Are they board certified? Do they have an expansive profile that consists of landmark outcomes? Do they have experience representing clients at jury trials? You need an attorney who specializes in criminal defense and has a reputation with prosecutors and judges. Don’t hire an attorney because they are cheaper.

Discuss the pricing

Most criminal defense lawyers work on an hourly rate, and while you may want the best team to represent your case, ensure that you understand the costs. Ask about their fee, whether they have flexible payment options and the best ways to keep the expenses of the legal matter in check. Always sign an engagement letter.

Check reviews

Always take time to know an attorney. Online reviews and testimonials on their websites, search engines, and social media handles can be helpful. You can also consider asking for references. Ensure that you feel confident about hiring the law firm, and if required, you can ask questions about similar cases.

Get an attorney before it is too late. When defending yourself, you need to act immediately, and an attorney should know and appreciate the value of time.

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